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I encourage anyone working through the Capstone process to check out Rhonda’s services. She is a prompt communicator, astute reader, and strong reviewer. Her APA skills and understanding of the scholarly writing facets are exceptional. She is a master of technology and offers insightful depth and detail with every milestone. Most of all, Rhonda will consistently support and cheer you on when you need it most through the doctoral experience!
Dr. D. Wolf, Capella University EdD Graduate
Rhonda was an invaluable resource regarding formatting and editing when ensuring success of my report. Although I felt I had a good grasp of APA and scholarly writing, having Rhonda’s expertise in formatting and editing not only helped me revise my report but ensured that my report was taken to the next level when submitting a quality report for review. She maintained contact with me throughout the process, coached me through questions to help develop depth and context of my report. I highly recommend her as a resource to improve your level of writing, editing and formatting your final report. – VickieAnn Laubach, approved for graduation Fall 2016
Rhonda was a huge help for me when she helped me with various editing and formatting issues. What could have taken long periods of time was handled in a timely fashion thanks to her! – Dr. S. Byrd, Capella University EdD Graduate
Dr. Nishimoto is simply amazing. Her expertise in the Capella capstone process is highly sought after. She is willing to help anyone and everyone to create an approved capstone product. She is your go-to person if you want an approved product that is scholarly and up to Capella’s standards. Thanks again for all your support and help.- Dr. Carla Leejay, Capella University EdD Graduate
I was really frustrated and thinking about giving up until I was added to the support group. The guidance and assistance that Rhonda provided moved me from Milestone 2-4 in a 10 week quarter. – C Joyner. approved for graduation, Fall 2016

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