Document Review

Capstone Project Review

Document Review

Capstone Project ReviewStarting out in the right direction is critical to your success!  A document review provides feedback which aligns your topic, ideas, problem, purpose and methodology.  Document review does not edit, proofread, format, or correct APA.   For those services, please visit the Edit or Format service page.


Capstone Project/Dissertation Review includes the following:

  • Information is synthesized, supporting ideas and concepts with evidence from the literature with sound logic.
  • Evidence is supported through PIE: Proof, Information, Examples
  • The “so-what” is answered and tied back to the purpose/problem/research.
  • Theoretical framework supports the project report and the project.
  • Paragraphs transition effectively creating content cohesion.
  • Identify possible ethics issues such as plagiarism, missing citations, etc.

Topic Approval Review examines whether the topic is appropriate for the specialization, expands knowledge and informs practice, and contributes to the institution, members or community. In addition, the review identifies whether the capstone project type supports the topic and purpose statement.  University requirements may vary.

Ethics Paper Review determines whether the paper thoroughly addresses ethics issues such as human participant risk, site permission, conflict of interest, intellectual property, and bias. Requirements may vary depending on university demands.

Project Proposal Review determines whether the project is supported through scholarly literature, contributes to organizational change, and evidences a professional foundation for the project.  In addition, the review determines whether the topic is relevant and supports the project’s direction, the background resources address and support the project, the organization benefits from the project, and the theoretical framework addresses institutional issues or challenges.  Literature supporting the statements are also examined to determine relevance, currency, and APA format compliance.  University requirements vary in scope and sequence.

Prescreening Review if your university requires this step, the review should be completed before sending to the reviewer.  Submit the report to insure all university criteria are met and professionally formatted.

Project Review determines whether the format, content and design support the topic and address the problem and purpose.  Appearance is critical to project approval. The project review examines the design for criteria and professional formatting. Capstone requirements vary based on foci and university requirements.

Document Review Pricing

Services include a comprehensive review for logic, adherence to criteria, areas for improvement, and grammar, spelling, and structure correction/feedback.

Service # of Pages Price Purchase
Topic Approval any FREE  Call or Email Me
Ethics Paper any $150
Project Proposal any $300
Prescreen Report any $50
Project any $150
Capstone Report/Dissertation Call or Email Me

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Dissertation/Capstone Project Caveats

The services provided by this site are governed by ethical standards. Therefore, I do not create content for you, provide writing services, decide your topic, or edit papers from a dissertation/capstone writing service. I do not research for you.